H2O Ninja 180° View Full Face Snorkel Mask – Free Breathing Design w Anti-Fog & Anti-Leak – GoPro Edition

H2O Ninja – Get in the Water!

Introducing the H2O Ninja Mask. A revolutionary full face snorkeling mask designed to make snorkeling effortless and natural. The unique full face design of the H2O Ninja Mask will let you breathe normally under water just the same as you would on land. No more breathing through your mouth or checking if your snorkel is in the right position. The H2O Ninja Mask is extremely easy to use and after experiencing the comfort, and natural breathing ability under water, you will never want to return to a regular mask and snorkel again.

How does the H2O Ninja Mask Work?
This is a surface snorkeling mask. As long as the snorkel (yellow part) is above water surface, breathing will be natural, as is on ground. You need to take deep breath before going under water. Depending on how long you can hold breathe, stay under water and start breathing normally once the snorkel is above water surface. As it has dry top technology, water does not seep when completely submerged. This mask is not meant for free diving or spearfishing.

How Deep Can I Go With the H2O Ninja Mask?
The H2O Ninja Mask is specifically designed for snorkeling. Pressure can build up in the H2O Ninja Mask over depths of 8-10 feet. Since there is no built in mechanism to equalize pressure, we strongly recommend not going any deeper than 8-10 feet.

**This mask is not designed for Free Diving or Spear Fishing.
**GoPro camera or the water proof housing is not included with the purchase

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